Make Your Images “Come Alive”: Show Motion

If the photograph you are about to make is of a subject in motion, you need to show motion.

Show motion in an image about a motion.

An image about a motion would include any type of photograph in which something is in motion; this could be a child on a swing, swinging a tennis racket, or a boxer’s face when hit by his opponent.  And of course, 2 wheel activities!

Let’s compare these two photographs.


I assure you that the motorcycle was moving faster than the bicycle.  Can’t believe your eyes?  No, you Click Here to See More Photos and Read the Whole Article

Popular Photography Magazine Ceases Publication

I thought it was a pretty good magazine definitely worth the subscription price.   But after 80 years Popular Photography can no longer make it.  I will miss it.

“Digital only magazines” are not worth the paper they are printed on!

OK, so that is my opinion, not a unversal fact.  But I am not the only one with that opinion.  With paper magazines I can fold over pages to mark something of interest.  I can tear out a page and leave it on the bathroom counter as a reminder of something.  I can read it at the beach in bright sunlight.  The battery never goes dead.  I can leave old copies at the dentist office for other people to discover.

Why will I miss “Popular Photography”?

Note that the title of the magazine does not contain the words “professional” or “artist” or “expert”.  It is called “popular photography” and that’s what it is about.   Why do I read a magazine (among others) for amateur & beginning photographers?  Because I occasionally find inspiration, whether from the submitted photographs or tips on retouching.  I read each issue and let it lay around the house for a few months, then I give the magazine to others that are interested.

Seems like I just renewed my subscription a month or so ago.  I will miss it.

The website “DP Review” has more on this story, and there is a longer article on

Daytona Int’l Speedway Fall Cycle Scene October 2016

Behind the scences at a motorcycle endurance race.

True bike nuts, like me, also enjoy ‘behind the scenes’ images and stories.   For racers, family, friends, and pit crew, “behind-the-scenes” is where races are won and lost.

In racing, nothing is un-important.  Without ever type of spare part on hand, a ‘simple’ failure of an exhaust bracket will elminate any hope of finishing the endurance race.

Pit lane official keeping an eye on the Schwemmer/Ashmead team during refueling.

Click Here to See More Photos and Read the Whole Article

Supermotard Palm Beach International Raceway September 11, 2016

Nascar will stop a race for rain if someone so much as spills a beer in the parking lot.  Motorcycle races are rarely delayed or cancelled due to weather.

Florida weather is a bit different than most of the U.S. of A.   Rainstorms can be so small (yet strong) that it is raining on a sunny day.  This makes an ideal situation to photograph rain.  Notice anything about the tires here? Click Here to See More Photos and Read the Whole Article