Make Your Images “Come Alive”: Show Motion

If the photograph you are about to make is of a subject in motion, you need to show motion.

Show motion in an image about a motion.

An image about a motion would include any type of photograph in which something is in motion; this could be a child on a swing, swinging a tennis racket, or a boxer’s face when hit by his opponent. ¬†And of course, 2 wheel activities!

Let’s compare these two photographs.


I assure you that the motorcycle was moving faster than the bicycle. ¬†Can’t believe your eyes? ¬†No, you Click Here to See More Photos and Read the Whole Article

Popular Photography Magazine Ceases Publication

I thought it was a pretty good magazine definitely worth the subscription price.   But after 80 years Popular Photography can no longer make it.  I will miss it.

“Digital only magazines” are not worth the paper they are printed on!

OK, so that is my opinion, not a unversal fact.  But I am not the only one with that opinion.  With paper magazines I can fold over pages to mark something of interest.  I can tear out a page and leave it on the bathroom counter as a reminder of something.  I can read it at the beach in bright sunlight.  The battery never goes dead.  I can leave old copies at the dentist office for other people to discover.

Why will I miss “Popular Photography”?

Note that the title of the magazine does not contain the words “professional” or “artist” or “expert”.¬† It is called “popular photography” and that’s what it is about. ¬† Why do¬†I read a magazine (among others) for amateur & beginning photographers? ¬†Because I occasionally find inspiration, whether from the submitted photographs or tips on retouching. ¬†I read each issue and let it lay around the house for a few months, then I give the magazine to others that are interested.

Seems like I just renewed my subscription a month or so ago.  I will miss it.

The website “DP Review” has more on this story, and there is a longer article on

Daytona Int’l Speedway Fall Cycle Scene October 2016

Behind the scences at a motorcycle endurance race.

True bike nuts, like me, also enjoy ‘behind the scenes’ images and stories. ¬† For racers, family, friends, and pit crew, “behind-the-scenes” is where races are won and lost.

In racing, nothing is un-important. ¬†Without ever type of spare part on hand, a ‘simple’ failure of an exhaust bracket will elminate any hope of finishing the endurance race.

Pit lane official keeping an eye on the Schwemmer/Ashmead team during refueling.

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