About licensing Biketographer’s Florida Motorcycle and Bicycle Racing Photography.

I strongly believe that the years 2010-2020 will be the most undetectable years of the human race. This is because photographs and art are rarely printed; they are trapped in electronic media that becomes corrupted, lost, or, obsolete to the point of being irrecoverable. I am confident that by the year 2022, civilization will learn this lesson.

Please go through your cellphone or camera and print your images.  Today.   Please, do it today.  In 10 years or less, you will understand why I am urging you to do so.

Commercial Use of Image(s):

Digital files of images may be licensed to bona fide media for editorial use and to others for commercial advertorial use.  Contact me with relevant information such as website visits/month, periodical run/month, and image size(s) desired.

Personal Use of Image(s):

Biketographer’s work will be printed for your personal use.  Due to the nature of motorcycle and bicycle racing photography, some images may be spectacular when printed 40 x 60 inches, but others may only be suitable for sizes as small as 8 x 10 inches.

Each printed work of art may include a small digital file licensed for personal use for no extra charge.  The digital file will be 600 pixel on the long side, suitable for sharing for non-commercial purposes on your website, social media websites, etc.

“Can I get just the digital file?”  Requesting use of an image without a physical print places your request into the commercial use category.

Work for hire:

Would you like total control and ownership of all images from your race?  Then all you have to do is contract with me for the event with stating that you are the copyright owner and I am acting merely as a camera operator.  Rates vary with the nature of the event, setup time, etc.  Culling, sorting, post processing, etc. may or may not be included, depending on your desires and fees