If the photograph you are about to make is of a subject in motion, you need to show motion.

Show motion in an image about a motion.

An image about a motion would include any type of photograph in which something is in motion; this could be a child on a swing, swinging a tennis racket, or a boxer’s face when hit by his opponent.  And of course, 2 wheel activities!

Let’s compare these two photographs.


I assure you that the motorcycle was moving faster than the bicycle.  Can’t believe your eyes?  No, you

do not believe the photograph !  The image on the left we would call a snapshot.  The image on the right is a photograph.  When you see images that show motion, take a moment and think about how the image shows motion.   Consider how that technique works for that image, and when it might not work. Then try those techniques yourself.

Motion can be shown by panning the camera at the proper speed so that the subject is sharp but the background is blurred.

Tammy Kirk, Fran Brown, Chuck Springsteen headed into turn 1.

Motion can be shown by ‘freezing’ certain elements of the composition.  This only works when we see a familiar characteristic of physics, as in this image which shows a “wake” of water behind the tires.

In future posts we will show you various techniques to use so your images will illustrate motion